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Full  Bio - Click Here
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Dave Soto is a retired Fire Captain
from the Los Angeles City Fire
Department. His career spans 35
years from firefighting through
Dave Soto - Chairman
Cooperman - Board
Corrie Cooperman is a registered
nurse with a B.S. from San Francisco
State University. Over her lifelong
career in nursing, she has held
management positions and specialized
in physical rehabilitation....
Existing Board
Member, not up
for election.
Existing Board
Member, not up
for election.
For the first time in over 8 years,
an election is being held.  If the
voters do the right thing, with the
background and experience of
these Sedona District residents,
the "Rubber Stamp" approvals
will stop, and sound leadership
will take control to insure that the
Public Safety is the best and the
taxpayer's investment is
When you fill out your ballot - Remember DKS
Diversity - Dedication - Experience
Vote for all 3 - TOGETHER THEY WILL
  • ALWAYS make YOUR safety #1
  • Listen to YOU, the residents
  • Manage YOUR tax dollars responsibility